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Call for papers



Third International Conference on Webometrics, Informetrics, Scientometrics and Science and Society
Eighth COLLNET Meeting

 6-9 March, 2007, New Delhi, India



Scope of the Conference

Quantitative aspects of science of science. Collaboration and communication in science and in technology. Science policy. Combination and integration of qualitative and quantitative approaches.


Theoretical, methodological and applied aspects, for example:

  • Emerging issues in scientometrics/informetrics/webometrics and history
  • Science Policy and collaboration
  • Collaboration Studies for Science & Society
  • Collaboration, Knowledge Management & Industrial Partnership
  • Collaborative Bridge between Academic Research and Industry
  • Techniques for Collaboration Studies
  • Visualization Techniques in Collaboration Studies
  • Quantiatative analysis of  S&T innovations
  • Informetric laws and distributions, mathematical models of communication or collaboration
  • Nature and growth of science and of collaboration in science and its relation with technological output
  • Evaluation indicators
  • Collaboration in science and in technology from both quantitative and qualitative points of view

Please, note that these examples listed above give a broad outline of the scope of the workshop theme but do not limit it.


The Workshop will start with a one day tutorial on:

Visualization Techniques for Scientometrics and Collaboration analysis.