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Third International Conference on Webometrics,
Scientometrics and Science and Society


Eighth COLLNET Meeting

 6-9 March, 2007, New Delhi, India




Pre Conference Tutorial:

 Tuesday 6th March


Statistical Tools and Techniques for Scientometrics Studies

Faculty:        Nagpaul, P.S. Retd Scientist , NISTADS, India
                    Bhattacharya, Sujit, Scientist, NISTADS, India
                    Dastidar, P. Scientist Dept of Oceanography, India


10.00 am-1.00pm       Lectures

1.00pm-2.00pm          Lunch

2.00pm- 5.30pm         Practical


Conference:   7th, March to 9th, March




Wednesday  7th, March

9.30 am -10.30 am Registration



Inaugural Function:

Chairperson: Ramesh Kundra (India)

10.30am - 10.40am

Welcome speech: Laxman Prasad, Advisor, DST (India)

10.40am - 10.55am

Conference Introduction: Hildrun Kretschmer, COLLNET (Germany, China)

10.55am - 11.20am

Key Note address: N.K. Ganguly, Director General, ICMR (India)

11.20am - 11.50am

Inaugural speech: Chief guest Chopra, Member Science Planning Commission (India)

11.50am - 12.00am

Vote of thanks: Organizing Secretary of the Conference (India)


Plenary Talk: Donald deB. Beaver (USA)

Chairperson: Divya Srivastava (India)

12.00-12.10 pm


 12.10 pm-12.30 pm    High tea


Session 1: Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Industrial Partnership

Chairperson: Yuan Sun (Japan)

12.30 pm-2.10pm 

  1. Chen Dar-Zen, Mu-Hsuan Huang & Paul Chang-Bin Liu (Taiwan): Analyzing Technological Innovation Competitiveness of Taiwan Corporations through Patent Indicators.

  2. Srivastava, S. and K.Satyanarayana (India): The Role of Collaborative Linkages between academia and the industry in Health.:A case study of HIV/AIDS Vaccine.

  3. Pati, S.P. (India): Human Resource, Society and Role of Corporate Sector in India

  4. Kumar, R. D.  Sathish ; S.Maheswaran and Dr. K.R. Sridharan (India): Designing a possible new patent classification approach based on the SRR’s colon classification scheme

  5. Schulze, Annedore (Germany): Conflict Management Strategies in different cultures: IT researchers in China, Germany and India.


2.10 pm-3.10 pm Lunch


Plenary Talk:  G. J. Samadhanam (India)

Chairperson: Sujit Bhattacharya (India)

3.10-3.50 pm


Session 2: Medicine and Life Sciences related Studies

Chairperson: S.H. Arora (India)

3.50-6.10 pm

  1. Lewison, Grant (UK) & Divya Srivastava (India): Malaria research, 1980-2004, and the burden of disease.

  2. Macías-Chapula, C.A.; Mendoza-Guerrero, J.A.; Rodea-Castro, I.P.; Gutiérrez-Carrasco, A.;Juárez-Sánchez, E. (Mexico): Health research Collaboration in Mexico.

  3. Dutt, Barvi and K.C. Garg (India): Traditional System of Medicine: A Scientometric Profile of Herbal Medicine Research in India and China

  4. Senthilkumaran, P. & A. Amudhavalli (India): A quantitative analysis of the spices literature in India.

  5. Kumar, Surendra (India): A Bibliometric Analysis of Indian Journal of Entomology (IJE), 1989-2003

  6. Kumar, Suresh and Ramesh Kundra (India): Modeling the growth of South African and Indian Medical Literature: A comparison of AIDS literature.

  7. Nouri, Rasool & Farshid Danesh (Iran): The survey of effective factors on publishing scientific articles in ISI journals written by the academic members of Isfahan University of  Medical Sciences


6.10-6.30 pm  Coffee/Tea Break


NISTADS, SIS, DASER and COLLNET roundtable: upcoming projects

Chairman: Hildrun Kretschmer (Germany, China)

6.30 pm-


 8.30pm Inaugural Dinner (Hosted by-----------------)



Thursday 8th, March



Session 3: Combination and Integration of Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches

Chairperson: Grant Lewison (UK)

9.00 am-11.00am

  1. Thijs, Bart & Glänzel, Wolfgang (Belgium): A structural analysis of collaboration between European research institutes based on their research profiles.

  2. Chavalarias, David & Jean-Philippe (France): Cointet Detecting epistemic fields dynamics from a scientific content database.

  3. Lamirel, Jean-Charles (France): Entropy-based methods for label analysis: an extended example of application to Scientometrics.

  4. Kretschmer, Hildrun & Theo Kretschmer (Germany, China): Lotka’s distribution and distribution of collaborating authors.

  5. Nourmohammadi, Hamzehali and Walther Umstätter (Germany): The distribution of author frequency in journals of different topics and different countries.

  6. Nagpaul, P.S.  (India): Modeling Proximity Relations in Mapping of Science.


1100.-11.20 am Coffee/Tea break


Plenary Talk: Wolfgang Glänzel (Belgium)    

Chairperson: Ülle Must

11.20-12:00 am


12.00 -1.00  pm  Lunch


Session 4:   Webometric Studies

Chairperson:  Yogeshwar Rao (India)

1.00 -2.40pm

  1. Markscheffel, B. and H. Thomas (Germany): Ranking Approaches for Search Engine Result Sets for a Semi-Automated Generation of Occurrences in Topic Maps.

  2. Gadagin, B.R., Parashuram S. Battimani (India): Web services: a study of XML technology.

  3. Srivastava, Divya and Ajit Mathur (India): Link Analysis as Indicators for geriatric  websites from India.

  4. Chudamani, K.S. and C A. Sharada (India): Investigation of Web indicators for  agricultural web sources on India.

  5. Kumar, Anil (India) Web-Resources in INSPEC Database: A Scientometric Mapping.


2.40-3.00 pm Coffee/Tea break


Session 5:   Measurement and Evaluation through Scientometrics. Part I

Chairperson: Wolfgang Glänzel (Belgium)

3.00-5.00 pm

  1. Mallikarjun, Angadi and B. S. Kademani, Muttayya Koganuramath, B.D. Kumbar, Suresh Jange (India): Scientometric Portrait of Nobel Laureate Alan J. Heeger.

  2. Frandsen, Tove Faber & Jeppe Nicolaisen (Denmark): The coverage of bibliographic databases and the consequences for bibliometric research: A study of intra-disciplinary differences.
  1. Gupta, B.M. and S.M. Dhawan (India): Status of Physics Research in India: An Analysis of Research Output during 1993-01

  2. Drabek, Aneta, Marshakova-Shaikevich, Irina (Poland, Russia): Bibliometric assessment of      scientometric journals from DBsJCR Social Edition: results.

  3. Chawla, A. (India): National Research Priorities in a Global Perspective: A  Bibliometric Analysis.

  4. Sikha Sinha, Arvind Singh Kushwah and Divya Srivastava (India): Mapping of Malaria Research from  India on the basis of Indian Science Abstracts.


Plenary Talk: Liu Zeyuan (China)

Chairperson: Irina Marshakova-Shaikevich (Poland, Russia)

5.00-5.40 pm


8.30pm Dinner (Hosted by Informatics India Ltd.)



Friday            9th, March



Plenary Talk: Dennis Ocholla (South Africa)

Chairperson: Jeppe Nicolaisen (Denmark)

9.00-9.40 am


Session 5:   Measurement and Evaluation through Scientometrics. Part II

Chairperson: Thijs, Bart  Belgium)

9.40-12.00 am

  1. Verma, R.K. and R K Kamble (India): Evaluation indicators for a Secondary Journal - A case study of Indian Science Abstracts (ISA).

  2. Babu, Ramesh and Ramakrishnan, J. (India): Indian contributions to the field of hepatitis (1984- 2003): A scientometrics study.

  3. Maheswaran, S. and R.D. Sathish Kumar and Dr. K.R. Sridharan (India): Information use pattern of Structural Engineering Scientists - A Bibliographic case study of Journal of Structural Engineering, Structural Engineering Research Centre, India.


Coffee/Tea break


  1. Roy, Santanu and Arvind Kumar (India): How to lose basic telecom market share: a   case study of BSNL in India.

  2. Vigneswara, P. and Ilavarasan (India): How do Small Software Firms Survive in India?

  3. Nouri, Rasool & Farshid Danesh (Iran): Analysis of effective factors of publishing papers in ISI  magazines by the Isfahan School of Medical Science faculties.


12.00-1.00 pm Lunch


Session 6:   Collaboration Studies and Quantitative Aspects for Science and Society

Chairperson: Jean-Charles Lamirel (France)

1.00-3.20 pm

  1. Asnafi, Amir Reza, Farshid Danesh, Maryam Pakdaman (Iran): A survey of the collaboration rate among Iranian LIS students in producing scholarly articles for annual student conference of Azzahra University during the years 1379-1385.

  2. Sun, Yuan (Japan) Collaborative research networks of Japanese universities: bibliomtric trends

  3. Sangam, S.L. (India) Communication and collaborative research pattern of Indian Ocean Science: A Scientometrics study.

  4. Ülle Must (Estonia): International collaboration in EU 6th Framework
    Programme: the case study of India and China.

  5. Marshakova-Shaikevich, Irina (Poland & Russia): Memory and Mmemories in lexical environment: bibliometric analysis of SSCI DB.

  6. Meyer, Martin (UK, Belgium): Concentration without collaboration – a regional perspective on the emergence of nanotechnology

  7. Chen Yue   Liu Zeyuan, (China): Collaboration Network of 36 Research Universities in China.


3.20-3.40 pm High tea


Concluding Round Table Discussion

Chair: Donald deB. Beaver (USA)

3.40 pm